Web Mozarts is a blog about web development in general and the Symfony framework in particular. The articles are written and edited by the Viennese authors Klemens Ullmann and Bernhard Schussek. We chose the name “Web Mozarts” for our blog because it represents our goals fairly well: To approach web development with different ideas and solutions. Other than that it’s just lovely to fulfill the typical Austrian stereotype. So here we are: The Web Mozarts.

Photograph of Bernhard Schussek

Bernhard Schussek

Bernhard is a software developer who’s passionate about Symfony since
the early days. He is fascinated by simple software architectures that
solve complex problems. Besides studying a Master in Software Engineering at Vienna University of Technology, Bernhard is a member of the Symfony2 core development team and lead developer of the Form and Validator component.

Klemens Ullmann-Marx

Klemens Ullmann-Marx

Klemens is a software architect located in beautiful Vienna who loves to rock the keyboard to compose creative solutions for common and not-so-common business requirements. As he always wanted to be the leader of a band or orchestra, he founded the “” company. He currently works on an epic suite called “ullright” which is an OpenSource project for business webapplications. Ah yes, “ullright” is based on a famous symfony

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